Making It Special

by Erica Preo |


People love getting presents, and people love their dogs. For these reasons we enjoy putting together each package, because the only thing better than receiving a gift is sending one. We do always wonder who the lucky recipient might be: a dachshund, beagle, or Frenchie? A little mixed breed pup by the name of Max? We'll probably never know, but it's always fun to imagine the possibilities. 

When a shopkeeper takes the time to carefully wrap a purchase it's such a special treat. Even when the item is just for you, this added touch is always so appreciated and thoughtful. While on a trip to visit a tannery I bought a somewhat ordinary coffee mug from a kitchen shop in the small Italian town of Biella. I'll always remember how the woman behind the counter took the time to wrap it so beautifully, it felt like my birthday. So when I began to consider the options for packaging Pantofola collars, I wanted to provide the same care. After all, a new collar for your best friend is a big occasion!



We begin with our black and white gift boxes, and tuck a super soft pocket that holds your collar inside. Underneath we place a card with your purchase information that bears our seal as certified Pantofola production from Italy. The card also serves as a reminder of our pledge to donate a percentage from your purchase to dog rescue organizations worldwide. 



It's a few extra steps, and it's our pleasure to take them. We only hope you enjoy receiving our package as much as we enjoy putting it together. Here's to you, Max!

The Journey

by Erica Preo |

Venturing into the Italian luxury accessories sector can be intimidating to say the least. Attending trade fairs devoted to sourcing gorgeous leather and hardware without a big fashion name on your business card is challenging. Announcing to smartly dressed Italians with decades of supplying the best labels in the world that you're designing accessories for dogs takes things into a whole new dimension. 

Eventually things became easier, more familiar, better. I was on a strange journey through unfamiliar territory, but gradually I met people who seemed enchanted with my plan. People everywhere love dogs and they love talking about them, it's something we have in common. We take breaks from talking about next season's leathers and orders, instead we share photos and videos of our dogs, and sometimes a tale or two about the ones we've lost. Business associates have become friends. These are the unexpected joys of traveling the miles to connect with strangers in a foreign land I would otherwise never have met, experiences I would never have had. Italy has become a sort of home away from home. So I go, and I'll keep going because the journey doesn't end. This is only the beginning. Andiamo!

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