On TV with Amanda Jones

by Erica Preo |

Yesterday morning our favorite photographer Amanda Jones was featured on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends program to discuss her new book Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now. We were thrilled to be included as Amanda's sweet little pup Ladybug was also on set wearing our Caramelle collar in Pistacchio! We think it looked stunning on her and she was a pro in front of the camera, of course! If you'd like to watch the interview, it can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/o4rv65g.

Amanda's book captures dogs she has photographed over her 20-year career as puppies or young dogs, and then a decade or so later. A very touching tribute that honors the dogs we love in all stages of their lives. If you'd like to order the book, signed copies are available at thedogstudio.com.

Our First Recipient : Pilots N Paws

by Erica Preo |


It's time to reveal our first donation recipient: Pilots N Paws! 

For those who may not be aware, one of the main objectives of our company is to provide support to dog rescue organizations through profits. From sales here in the United States, each quarter we will select one stellar group as the recipient of this donation and announce it here. 

One of the big hurdles with dog rescue is transporting them from one place to another. Many shelters are overflowing with dogs in desperate need of homes, yet there are wonderful families for them that are maybe just a little too far away. Pilots N Paws was created to provide a solution through its network of volunteer pilots who donate their time and fuel to transport pets from dire circumstances to new beginnings. They're a great group of people working hard to make a big difference, and we salute them!

On a personal note, selecting Pilots N Paws as our first recipient is also to honor my dad for Father's Day. He spent his career in the aviation industry beginning with Douglas Aircraft, then McDonnell Douglas, and finally Boeing. I miss him very much, and I think he'd definitely approve of Pilots N Paws! 

If you'd like to learn more about Pilots N Paws, you can visit their website here.



by Erica Preo |


As it turns out, the best souvenirs are free. Relaxation. Laughter. Memories. Inspiration. 

Most tourists will hit the big cities, dashing from one monument or museum to the next as they "do" Rome, or they "do" Venice. But my first visit to Italy was a business trip for my former employer, to a small beach town on the Adriatic called Pesaro. It was the last week in July and although my days were spent inside a dark photo studio without air conditioning, mornings and evenings were free to relax and observe the ease of the Italian lifestyle. 

From my balcony each morning I watched the perfectly aligned umbrellas and lounges on the beach below being set up for the day. Soon entire families would arrive on bicycles and Vespas, looking forward to another day together enjoying the seaside. Later in the center of the town, la passeggiata, the daily stroll. I was smitten by the relaxed everyday life in this Italian town, and there was no turning back. After visits to many other Italian cities and towns since then I've discovered that it's everywhere in Italy, every day.

As I walked through the streets of Pesaro one afternoon, I had the idea for Pantofola. I wanted to combine my design background, my love for dogs, and this incredible country. Italian craftsmanship is the best in the world, so I knew the final products would be perfect. But I also wanted to do what I could to support this intoxicating way of life, this special souvenir, especially because so much of Italy's luxury manufacturing has moved elsewhere. I was going to create a new brand, raise money for dogs in need through profits, and make an investment in Italian craftsmanship. 

Collezione Lido was inspired by the time I spent in Pesaro. A day by the sea, the relaxed carefree attitude, the color palette and combinations, my own intangible souvenirs from that trip. In the photos below, you can see the translation from my view from the hotel balcony to final product and fluffy friend. 


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