In Italian, the word “pantofola” means slipper. It was also the nickname given to a dog I had once, a stray in very bad condition wandering a busy street while onlookers jeered and cheered. Most likely used as a bait dog for fighting, “Touffie” still had a lot of love to give and lived to the age of fourteen. When people would ask what kind of a dog he was, we’d say “he’s just in the shape of a dog”, because we had no idea. He was every kind, yet he was anonymous. He could represent them all, because they’re all worth saving no matter what they look like. I promised him that someday I would create a brand that would treat all dogs equally, put a spotlight on them to give each one the best life possible and aid rescue organizations around the world. And so we are.

After spending many years in graphic design, I decided to take a detour from traditional client work to follow my own path. Designers by nature are drawn to solve problems. As consumers, designers are especially keen to create something they want for themselves but does not yet exist, to define each and every detail of product and experience without compromise. I chose to combine my professional quest with my lifelong passion for dogs.

We are based in the United States and our luxury goods are manufactured entirely in Italy. The world cherishes Italian leather goods, but sadly very few are still made there from start to finish. Historically, small family-owned factories in Italy produced the world’s best and most sought after luxury leather goods, and we have a strong commitment to honoring this tradition of excellence.

My name is Erica Preo and I thank you for your interest in Pantofola.